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Training with CPA is all about learning new skills in a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere.

The following table is a non exhaustive list of the training opportunities that are coming up:

Training Dates Contact
Dive Leader Lectures Winter – Spring Thomas Graham
Dive Leader Open Water Dives Spring – Summer Thomas Graham
Dive Leader Lifts with Manakin Spring Thomas Graham

The following table shows our next planned training events and courses.

Please contact Andy HepburnĀ to take part on any of these courses. We plan to gather numbers of those people that are interested in each course – and we will then organise the courses around a date and location to suit you.

Proposed Dates No. days Course
March 2 days Diver Rescue Parts II/III
April 1 day Nitrox Diver
April 1 day O2 Administration
January 2 days Chart and Navigation
May 2 days Boat Handling
January 2 days Diver First Aid
May 2 days Assistant Instructor
April 1 day Open Water Instructor
April 2 days Enriched Nitrox Diver
June 2 days Enriched Nitrox Diver part 2
July 1 day Gas Blending