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Learning to Scuba with CPA is enormous fun – and highly rewarding too. Our emphasis is on training people that want to stick with the club – and our schedule can take six weeks to six months depending on the candidate and their own abilities. We don’t train people just for blue water and holiday diving.

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There are four pages or information here for you to review:
>> Training overview
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The training consists of weekly swimming pool sessions and regular lectures. In these, trainees are taught about:

  • the equipment
  • the effects of pressure
  • how to communicate and behave underwater
  • a range of safety procedures to avoid an incident; plus
  • rescue & first aid techniques in case something were to go wrong

In the pool trainees are shown (usually one-to-one with the instructor) how to put all this into practice by learning a range of drills. This culminates in a pool assessment to SAA standards.

At the end of the training, there are standard SAA exams. Once the instructor is happy with the theory standard attained, the next step is the open water assessment. If passed, the trainee then becomes a diver.

But training doesn’t stop there. No matter how much diving is done, you can always learn more. CPA runs advanced training for its experienced members too. The club can also arrange low cost, professionally run specialist courses in subjects such as:

  • boat handling
  • oxygen administration
  • underwater photography
  • chartwork & navigation
  • VHF radio operation