Get the Most from the Club

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Contact other members
Communication key to getting most from club. Go to club nights regularly to find what’s going on. Read newsletters when published – traditionally has members address/telephone directory at back. Pull this page off and keep it handy. Look on the club website for latest up-to-date member phone numbers. Website also has news and upcoming social events. Go to socials whenever possible to get to know other members better. Even arrange a social yourself – great way to get yourself known (and liked) by other members.

Ensure training is fast
CPA instructors doing it to help members. Not paid, would often rather be doing other things. Trainees responsibility to keep things moving. Make sure turning up to pool/lecture sessions is religious – put it no 1 priority. Pool training often goes well, big bottleneck is lectures. 12 lectures, one a week means 3 months just on theory if you never miss a week. Miss a few and before you know it, time drags on, you get fed up and training stalls. Vital to keep up the pressure on lectures. Ring the <<Training Officer>> every Monday to check lectures are on the next day and inform that you will be going. If have to miss a few for reasons beyond your control, talk to Training Officer or Diving Officer about organising special “cramming lectures” one evening or weekend to catch up ones missed. More hassle for lecturers but they will help you to get things moving if you put effort in. Also vital to get things signed off on the night they’re done. Finally, bring qualification logbook (or interim sheets if not arrived yet) and ensure every lecture signed off on the night its done. Don’t expect lecturers to remember who they lectured to – they won’t. If no proof of lecture later, may have to do lecture again, wasting even more time.

Pay subscriptions without hassle
Options to pay in lump sum up front every year, or by standing order. Much better for the club to use standing order. Means less hassle for the treasurer to keep chasing subs each year. Usually less hassle for members too, and monthly sub payments hardly noticed compared to a single big hit straight at same time as Christmas spend. Standing order can be cancelled at anytime just with phone call to bank, so no risk.

Involve family/friends in the club
First Monday pool session of the month is family night. Pool open to family and friends to come and have fun. Make most of this – free swimming, plus makes family feel part of club too so less chance of feeling diving widow(er)s and orphans. Bring family along to social events too. Most are good family fun (apart from “flower arranging” at the rugby club… :-). All friends and family welcome at the pub too on club nights. Camp-dive expeditions in summer can be good family events as a seaside holiday not just dive expedition. Even days out (especially shore dives) good to bring family to beach as most of time spent in company of diver apart from actually underwater. Beware boat diving days though as most of time spent on boat and non-divers rarely able to come out on boats too. Active involvement even better if family enjoys it. Many help with annual St. Gabriels’ school gala try-dives <<see in-community>>. Involvement with organising socials can be fun too. Let family suggest pool games on family nights. Maybe someone wants to write an article for the newsletter or the web site. Children can get lots of kudos at school from doing some sort of project around mum & dad’s sport. Basically, plenty of opportunity for involvement, and often good for all involved..

Buy Try Dives for friends
Here’s a great idea. You’re stuck for a present for someone: birthday, Christmas, congratulations on exam/driving test, or just “you’re special” message. Buy them a try-dive. Unique experience, they’ll love it, they’ll love you for it, and club gets a bit of extra income to boot. Everyone wins. Club has nice looking try-dive vouchers. Cost £20 (not shown on voucher). You can buy voucher for friend/loved one and they just ‘cash it in’ for a try-dive with the club. See any committee member to get some. Or, if friends want to try diving anyway, they can just contact us for a try-dive and pay the £20 themselves on the night. Put the word around – it’s good for the sport and good for the club. All try-divers get a CPA certificate on completion.

Get hold of CPA Merchandise
If you’re proud of your club, why not get a polo shirt, sweat-shirt or cap with the club logo on it? The clothes are good quality and have a colour embroidered CPA logo. The baseball cap includes your name (or any short message) on the back too.

Dive for profit
Sorry, you don’t – not with CPA. The SAA is a strictly amateur organisation. SAA clubs cannot dive for profit else insurance is invalidated and incidents could leave dive marshals / committee members open to serious legal charges. Professional diving (diving for personal gain) governed by Health and Safety Executive legislation. Special HSE recognised qualifications required. Beware if someone gives you money (or even favours) for recovering lost objects, freeing roped props or whatever – could be illegal. OK to recover costs (air, petrol, wear & tear on kit) but not make profit. If don’t like the thought of doing it for free, best bet is to get a donation to club funds as then not for personal gain, and CPA non profit making anyway.