David Jerram

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CPA has almost 60 members, some more active than others. This page is designed to feature a members profile each month – so please come back and visit again.

This months member in the spotlight is David Jerram.

Name: David Jerram

Diving Qualifications: Padi Dive Master, SAA Dive Supervisor, IANTD Trimix, IANTD Trimix Rebreather Mod3.

Committee Position: Assistant Diving Officer. Responsible for all the diving and safety activities within CPA, including training standards.

Number of years diving: 22 years

Best diving to date: Bikini Atoll in 2003 – it was a blast!

Dives you would like to do? I would love to explore the Baltic sometime – and there is talk of a trip to Guadacanal in a few years…

Current activities for CPA: I am looking at ways to attract new members and boost the club membership further. We are also seeking new instructors and trained divers to join CPA.

What makes you dive? I love the whole experience. It’s not just the adventure, it’s the thrill of being somewhere totally different and alien. I also really enjoy diving with our club members – they are all such a great bunch.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to ‘dangle’ from a helicopter to rescue people at sea, or to be an astonaut – It’s strange how fate turns the tables đŸ™‚