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I’ve long been meaning to put some sort of historical record of the club on the web site. Below is a letter and photo from Bill Clayton, life member that might start the ball rolling. If anyone out there has similar photos, stories, knowledge of the early days of the club, drop them to the webmaster at

Dear Mark
As you know, there was a lengthy discussion regarding names for the new club boats at the CPA AGM. During the discussion I mentioned that the first Club Zodiac inflatable, acquired in the late seventies, was named “Climax”, being the climax of several, years of saving up. Well I was looking through our collection of old photographs recently when I came across the enclosed, which I thought you might like to see and possibly make use of somehow.

The picture, dated February 1978, show my wife Jean naming the boat by pouring a bottle of Babycham over the bows prior to launching down the Caversham Promenade slipway. Also in the picture are Steve McGregor in the background, his brother Peter holding the painter and Roy Hilling who was Club Treasurer at the time, out of shot were several others who appear in other pictures taken on the day. We all went for a ride up and down the river and then to the Crown pub for Sunday lunch.

The Crown at Playhatch was the Club pub in those days, Butch Wood the Landlord, been a member and the old barn at the pub was used for several years to store the boats.

Best wishes for a safe and successful years diving to all members, as I used to say …
“See you down there!”
Bill Clayton

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