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Training with CPA is all about learning new skills in a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere.

The following table is a non exhaustive list of the training opportunities that are coming up:

Training Dates Contact
Dive Leader Lectures Winter – Spring Thomas Graham
Dive Leader Open Water Dives Spring – Summer Thomas Graham
Dive Leader Lifts with Manakin Spring Thomas Graham

The following table shows our next planned training events and courses.

Please contact Andy Hepburn┬áto take part on any of these courses. We plan to gather numbers of those people that are interested in each course – and we will then organise the courses around a date and location to suit you.

Proposed Dates No. days Course
March 2 days Diver Rescue Parts II/III
April 1 day Nitrox Diver
April 1 day O2 Administration
January 2 days Chart and Navigation
May 2 days Boat Handling
January 2 days Diver First Aid
May 2 days Assistant Instructor
April 1 day Open Water Instructor
April 2 days Enriched Nitrox Diver
June 2 days Enriched Nitrox Diver part 2
July 1 day Gas Blending